mongoc_client_command_simple_with_server_id (
   mongoc_client_t *client,
   const char *db_name,
   const bson_t *command,
   const mongoc_read_prefs_t *read_prefs,
   uint32_t server_id bson_t *reply,
   bson_error_t *error);

This function executes a command on a specific server, using the database and command specification provided.


  • client: A mongoc_client_t.
  • db_name: The name of the database to run the command on.
  • read_prefs: An optional mongoc_read_prefs_t.
  • server_id: An opaque id specifying which server to use.
  • reply: An optional location for a bson_t which will store the server's reply.
  • error: An optional location for a bson_error_t or a NULL.


Returns true if successful, otherwise false.

This function does not check the server response for a write concern error or write concern timeout.