BSON Document Abstraction


#include <bson.h>

typedef struct {
   uint32_t flags;       /* Internal flags for the bson_t. */
   uint32_t len;         /* Length of BSON data. */
   uint8_t padding[120]; /* Padding for stack allocation. */
} bson_t BSON_ALIGNED_END (128);


The bson_t structure represents a BSON document. This structure manages the underlying BSON encoded buffer. For mutable documents, it can append new data to the document.

Performance Notes

The bson_t structure attempts to use an inline allocation within the structure to speed up performance of small documents. When this internal buffer has been exhausted, a heap allocated buffer will be dynamically allocated. Therefore, it is essential to call bson_destroy() on allocated documents.


static void
create_on_heap (void)
   bson_t *b = bson_new ();

   BSON_APPEND_INT32 (b, "foo", 123);
   BSON_APPEND_UTF8 (b, "bar", "foo");
   BSON_APPEND_DOUBLE (b, "baz", 1.23f);

   bson_destroy (b);