Libbson expects that you are always working with UTF-8 encoded text. Anything else is invalid API use.

If you should need to walk through UTF-8 sequences, you can use the various UTF-8 helper functions distributed with Libbson.

Validating a UTF-8 Sequence

To validate the string contained in my_string, use the following. You may pass -1 for the string length if you know the string is NULL-terminated.

if (!bson_utf8_validate (my_string, -1, false)) {
   printf ("Validation failed.\n");

If my_string has NULL bytes within the string, you must provide the string length. Use the following format. Notice the true at the end indicationg \0 is allowed.

if (!bson_utf8_validate (my_string, my_string_len, true)) {
   printf ("Validation failed.\n");

For more information see the API reference for bson_utf8_validate().