mongoc_gridfs_file_seek (mongoc_gridfs_file_t *file, int64_t delta, int whence);


  • file: A mongoc_gridfs_file_t.
  • delta: The amount to move the file position. May be positive or negative.
  • whence: One of SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR or SEEK_END.


Adjust the file position pointer in the given file by delta, starting from the position whence. The whence argument is interpreted as in fseek(2):

SEEK_SET Set the position relative to the start of the file.
SEEK_CUR Move delta relative to the current file position.
SEEK_END Move delta relative to the end of the file.

On success, the file’s underlying position pointer is set appropriately. On failure, the file position is NOT changed and errno is set to indicate the error.


EINVAL whence is not one of SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR or SEEK_END.
EINVAL The resulting file position would be negative.


Returns 0 if successful; otherwise -1 and errno is set.