String Building Abstraction


#include <bson.h>

typedef struct
   char     *str;
   uint32_t  len;
   uint32_t  alloc;
} bson_string_t;


bson_string_t is an abstraction for building strings. As chunks are added to the string, allocations are performed in powers of two.

This API is useful if you need to build UTF-8 encoded strings.


bson_string_t *str;

str = bson_string_new (NULL);
bson_string_append_printf (str, "%d %s %f\n", 0, "some string", 0.123);
printf ("%s\n", str->str);

bson_string_free (str, true);

You can call bson_string_free() with false if you would like to take ownership of str->str. Some API's that do this might call return bson_string_free (str, false); after building the string.