mongoc_client_pool_enable_auto_encryption (mongoc_client_pool_t *pool,
                                           mongoc_auto_encryption_opts_t* opts,
                                           bson_error_t* error);

Enable automatic client side encryption on a mongoc_client_pool_t. Requires libmongoc to be built with support for Client-Side Field Level Encryption. See the guide for Using Client-Side Field Level Encryption.

Automatic encryption is an enterprise-only feature that only applies to operations on a collection. Automatic encryption is not supported for operations on a database or view, and operations that are not bypassed will result in error. To bypass automatic encryption for all operations, bypass automatic encryption with mongoc_auto_encryption_opts_set_bypass_auto_encryption() in opts.

Automatic encryption requires the authenticated user to have the listCollections privilege action.

Enabling automatic encryption reduces the maximum message size and may have a negative performance impact.



Returns true if successful. Returns false and sets error otherwise.