mongoc_cursor_t *
mongoc_database_find_collections_with_opts (mongoc_database_t *database,
                                            const bson_t *opts)

Fetches a cursor containing documents, each corresponding to a collection on this database.

To get collection names only, use mongoc_database_get_collection_names_with_opts().

This function is considered a retryable read operation. Upon a transient error (a network error, errors due to replica set failover, etc.) the operation is safely retried once. If retryreads is false in the URI (see mongoc_uri_t) the retry behavior does not apply.


opts may be NULL or a BSON document with additional command options:

For a list of all options, see the MongoDB Manual entry on the listCollections command.


Use mongoc_cursor_error() on the returned cursor to check for errors.


This function returns a newly allocated mongoc_cursor_t that should be freed with mongoc_cursor_destroy() when no longer in use. The returned mongoc_cursor_t is never NULL, even on error. The user must call mongoc_cursor_next() on the returned mongoc_cursor_t to execute the initial command.

Cursor errors can be checked with mongoc_cursor_error_document(). It always fills out the bson_error_t if an error occurred, and optionally includes a server reply document if the error occurred server-side.


Failure to handle the result of this function is a programming error.

In the returned cursor each result corresponds to the server’s representation of a collection in this database.

The cursor functions mongoc_cursor_set_limit(), mongoc_cursor_set_batch_size(), and mongoc_cursor_set_max_await_time_ms() have no use on the returned cursor.


   bson_t opts = BSON_INITIALIZER;
   bson_t name_filter;
   const bson_t *doc;
   bson_iter_t iter;
   bson_error_t error;

   BSON_APPEND_DOCUMENT_BEGIN (&opts, "filter", &name_filter);
   /* find collections with names like "abbbbc" */
   BSON_APPEND_REGEX (&name_filter, "name", "ab+c", NULL);
   bson_append_document_end (&opts, &name_filter);

   cursor = mongoc_database_find_collections_with_opts (database, &opts);
   while (mongoc_cursor_next (cursor, &doc)) {
      bson_iter_init_find (&iter, doc, "name");
      printf ("found collection: %s\n", bson_iter_utf8 (&iter, NULL));

   if (mongoc_cursor_error (cursor, &error))
      fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", error.msg);

   mongoc_cursor_destroy (cursor);
   bson_destroy (&opts);