MongoDB Random Number Generator


mongoc_rand_add (const void *buf, int num, doubel entropy);

mongoc_rand_seed (const void *buf, int num);

mongoc_rand_status (void);


The mongoc_rand family of functions provide access to the low level randomness primitives used by the MongoDB C Driver. In particular, they control the creation of cryptographically strong pseudo-random bytes required by some security mechanisms.

While we can usually pull enough entropy from the environment, you may be required to seed the PRNG manually depending on your OS, hardware and other entropy consumers running on the same system.


mongoc_rand_add and mongoc_rand_seed allow the user to directly provide entropy. They differ insofar as mongoc_rand_seed requires that each bit provided is fully random. mongoc_rand_add allows the user to specify the degree of randomness in the provided bytes as well.


The mongoc_rand_status function allows the user to check the status of the mongoc PRNG. This can be used to guarantee sufficient entropy at program startup, rather than waiting for runtime errors to occur.