mongoc_auto_encryption_opts_set_extra (mongoc_auto_encryption_opts_t *opts,
                                       const bson_t *extra);


extra is a bson_t containing any of the following optional fields:

  • mongocryptdURI set to a URI to connect to the mongocryptd process (default is “mongodb://localhost:27027”).

  • mongocryptdBypassSpawn set to true to prevent the driver from spawning the mongocryptd process (default behavior is to spawn).

  • mongocryptdSpawnPath set to a path (with trailing slash) to search for mongocryptd (defaults to empty string and uses default system paths).

  • mongocryptdSpawnArgs set to an array of string arguments to pass to mongocryptd when spawning (defaults to [ "--idleShutdownTimeoutSecs=60" ]).

For more information, see the Client-Side Encryption specification.