mongoc_bulk_operation_update_one (mongoc_bulk_operation_t *bulk,
                                  const bson_t *selector,
                                  const bson_t *document,
                                  bool upsert);

This function queues an update as part of a bulk operation. It will only modify a single document on the MongoDB server. This function does not execute the operation. To execute the entirety of the bulk operation call mongoc_bulk_operation_execute().

This function is superseded by mongoc_bulk_operation_update_one_with_opts().


  • bulk: A mongoc_bulk_operation_t.

  • selector: A bson_t that selects which document to remove.

  • document: A bson_t containing the update document.

  • upsert: true if an upsert should be performed.


document must only contain fields whose key starts with $. See the update document specification for more details.