mongoc_uri_set_option_as_int64 (const mongoc_uri_t *uri,
                                const char *option,
                                int64_t value);


  • uri: A mongoc_uri_t.

  • option: The name of an option, case insensitive.

  • value: The new value.


Sets an individual URI option, after the URI has been parsed from a string.

Only known options of type int32 or int64 can be set. For 32-bit integer options, the function returns false when trying to set a 64-bit value that exceeds the range of an int32_t. Values that fit into an int32_t will be set correctly. In both cases, a warning will be emitted.

Updates the option in-place if already set, otherwise appends it to the URI’s bson_t of options.


True if successfully set (the named option is a known option of type int64).