mongoc_cursor_set_limit (mongoc_cursor_t *cursor, int64_t limit);


  • cursor: A mongoc_cursor_t.

  • limit: The maximum number of documents to retrieve for this query.


Limits the number of documents in the result set.

This function is useful for setting the limit on a cursor after the cursor is created, but before any calls to mongoc_cursor_next(). It can also be used to pass a negative limit: The limit parameter to mongoc_cursor_set_limit is signed, although for backward-compatibility reasons the limit parameter to mongoc_collection_find() is not.

Calling this function after mongoc_cursor_next() has no effect.

This is not applicable to all cursors. Calling mongoc_cursor_set_limit() on a cursor returned by mongoc_client_find_databases_with_opts(), mongoc_database_find_collections_with_opts(), or mongoc_collection_find_indexes_with_opts() will not change the results.


Returns true on success. If any arguments are invalid, returns false and leaves the limit unchanged.