#define BSON_APPEND_DATE_TIME(b, key, val) \
   bson_append_date_time (b, key, (int) strlen (key), val)

bson_append_date_time (bson_t *bson,
                       const char *key,
                       int key_length,
                       int64_t value);


  • bson: A bson_t.

  • key: An ASCII C string containing the name of the field.

  • key_length: The length of key in bytes, or -1 to determine the length with strlen().

  • value: The date and time as specified in milliseconds since the UNIX epoch.


The bson_append_date_time() function shall append a new element to a bson document containing a date and time with no timezone information. value is assumed to be in UTC format of milliseconds since the UNIX epoch. value MAY be negative.


Returns true if the operation was applied successfully. The function will fail if appending value grows bson larger than INT32_MAX.