char *
bson_as_json_with_opts (const bson_t *bson, size_t *length, const bson_json_opts_t *opts);


  • bson: A bson_t.

  • length: An optional location for the length of the resulting string.

  • opts: A bson_json_opts_t.


The bson_as_json_with_opts() encodes bson as a UTF-8 string in the MongoDB Extended JSON format.

The caller is responsible for freeing the resulting UTF-8 encoded string by calling bson_free() with the result.

If non-NULL, length will be set to the length of the result in bytes.

The opts structure is used to pass options for the encoding process. Please refer to the documentation of bson_json_opts_t for more details.


If successful, a newly allocated UTF-8 encoded string and length is set.

Upon failure, NULL is returned.


bson_json_opts_t *opts = bson_json_opts_new (BSON_JSON_MODE_CANONICAL, BSON_MAX_LEN_UNLIMITED);
char *str = bson_as_json_with_opts (doc, NULL, opts);
printf ("%s\n", str);
bson_free (str);
bson_json_opts_destroy (opts);

See also

:symbol: bson_array_as_canonical_extended_json()
:symbol: bson_array_as_relaxed_extended_json()