#define BSON_APPEND_TIMESTAMP(b, key, val, inc) \
   bson_append_timestamp (b, key, (int) strlen (key), val, inc)

bson_append_timestamp (bson_t *bson,
                       const char *key,
                       int key_length,
                       uint32_t timestamp,
                       uint32_t increment);


  • bson: A bson_t.

  • key: An ASCII C string containing the name of the field.

  • key_length: The length of key in bytes, or -1 to determine the length with strlen().

  • timestamp: A uint32_t.

  • increment: A uint32_t.


This function is not similar in functionality to bson_append_date_time(). Timestamp elements are different in that they include only second precision and an increment field.

They are primarily used for intra-MongoDB server communication.

The bson_append_timestamp() function shall append a new element of type BSON_TYPE_TIMESTAMP.


Returns true if the operation was applied successfully. The function will fail if appending the value grows bson larger than INT32_MAX.