mongoc_client_encryption_add_key_alt_name (
   mongoc_client_encryption_t *client_encryption,
   const bson_value_t *keyid,
   const char *keyaltname,
   bson_t *key_doc,
   bson_error_t *error);

Add keyaltname to the set of alternate names in the key document with UUID keyid.


  • client_encryption: A mongoc_client_encryption_t.

  • keyid: A UUID (BSON binary subtype 0x04) key ID of the key to add the key alternate name to.

  • keyaltname: The key alternate name to add.

  • key_doc: Optional. An uninitialized bson_t set to the value of the key document before addition of the alternate name, or an empty document if the key does not exist. Must be freed by bson_destroy().

  • error: Optional. bson_error_t.


Returns true if successful. Returns false and sets error otherwise.