mongoc_client_encryption_create_encrypted_collection (
      mongoc_client_encryption_t *enc,
      mongoc_database_t *database,
      const char *name,
      const bson_t *in_options,
      bson_t *out_options,
      const char *kms_provider,
      const bson_t *opt_masterKey,
      bson_error_t *error)

Create a new collection with Queryable Encryption enabled. Requires a valid mongoc_client_encryption_t object to operate.

New in version 1.24.0.

See also

This function is a convenience API wrapping mongoc_database_create_collection().


  • enc: The mongoc_client_encryption_t to be used to configure encryption for the new collection.

  • database: The mongoc_database_t in which the new collection will be created.

  • name: The name of the new collection.

  • in_options: The options for the new collection. (See below).

  • out_options: An optional output option for the final create-collection options. Should point to storage for a bson_t. The pointed-to object must be destroyed by the caller. If NULL, has no effect.

  • kms_provider: The name of the KMS provider to use for generating new data encryption keys for encrypted fields within the collection.

  • opt_masterKey: If provided, used as the masterkey option when data encryption keys need to be created. (See: mongoc_client_encryption_datakey_opts_set_masterkey())

  • error: Optional output parameter pointing to storage for a bson_error_t. If an error occurs, will be initialized with error information.


If successful, this function returns a new mongoc_collection_t object. Upon failure, returns NULL and initializes *error with an error indicating the reason for failure. The returned collection object must be freed by the caller.

Creation Options#

The in_options parameter behaves similarly to the opts parameter for mongoc_database_create_collection(), which accepts the options for the create MongoDB command (Documented here). The in_options document accepted here is different in one important way:

The $.encryptedFields.fields array is required by this function, and, unlike the schema documented for the create command, accepts a value of null for the keyId parameter on each array element.

This function has the following as-if effect:

  1. A new set of options \(O\) will be created based on in_options.

  2. For each element \(F\) in the $.encryptedFields.fields array of \(O\):

    1. If \(F\) contains a "keyId": null element, a new data encryption key \(K_f\) will be created as-if by calling the mongoc_client_encryption_create_datakey(), using the relevant arguments that were given to mongoc_client_encryption_create_encrypted_collection.

    2. The ID of \(K_f\) will be used to replace the "keyId": null element within \(F\).

  3. A collection will be created using the options \(O\).

  4. If out_options is not NULL, \(O\) will be written to out_options.