mongoc_server_description_t *
mongoc_client_get_handshake_description (mongoc_client_t *client,
                                         uint32_t server_id,
                                         bson_t *opts,
                                         bson_error_t *error)

Returns a description constructed from the initial handshake response to a server.


mongoc_client_get_handshake_description() is distinct from mongoc_client_get_server_description(). mongoc_client_get_server_description() returns a server description constructed from monitoring, which may differ from the server description constructed from the connection handshake.

mongoc_client_get_handshake_description() will attempt to establish a connection to the server if a connection was not already established. It will perform the MongoDB handshake and authentication if required.

Use this function only for building a language driver that wraps the C Driver. When writing applications in C, higher-level functions automatically select a suitable server.

Single-threaded client behavior#

Single-threaded clients only have one active connection to each server. The one connection is used for both monitoring and application operations. However, the server description returned by mongoc_client_get_handshake_description() may still differ from the server description returned by mongoc_client_get_server_description(). Notably, if connected to a load balanced cluster, the server description returned by mongoc_client_get_server_description() will describe the load balancer server (mongoc_server_description_type() will return “LoadBalancer”). And the server description returned by mongoc_client_get_handshake_description() will describe the backing server.



A mongoc_server_description_t that must be freed with mongoc_server_description_destroy(). If a connection has not been successfully established to a server, returns NULL and error is filled out.

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