mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_set_max_time_ms (
   mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_t *opts, uint32_t max_time_ms);


  • opts: A mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_t.

  • max_time_ms: The maximum server-side execution time permitted, in milliseconds, or 0 to specify no maximum time (the default setting).


Adds a maxTimeMS argument to the builder.


Returns true if it successfully added the option to the builder, otherwise false and logs an error.

Note: although max_time_ms is a uint32_t, it is possible to set it as a uint64_t through the options arguments in some cursor returning functions like mongoc_collection_find_with_opts().

Setting maxTimeMS#

fam_opts (mongoc_collection_t *collection)
   mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_t *opts;
   bson_t reply;
   bson_t *update;
   bson_error_t error;
   bson_t query = BSON_INITIALIZER;
   mongoc_write_concern_t *wc;
   bson_t extra = BSON_INITIALIZER;
   bool success;

   /* Find Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the striker */
   BSON_APPEND_UTF8 (&query, "firstname", "Zlatan");
   BSON_APPEND_UTF8 (&query, "lastname", "Ibrahimovic");
   BSON_APPEND_UTF8 (&query, "profession", "Football player");

   /* Bump his age */
   update = BCON_NEW ("$inc", "{", "age", BCON_INT32 (1), "}");

   opts = mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_new ();
   mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_set_update (opts, update);

   /* Abort if the operation takes too long. */
   mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_set_max_time_ms (opts, 100);

   /* Set write concern w: 2 */
   wc = mongoc_write_concern_new ();
   mongoc_write_concern_set_w (wc, 2);
   mongoc_write_concern_append (wc, &extra);

   /* Some future findAndModify option the driver doesn't support conveniently
   BSON_APPEND_INT32 (&extra, "futureOption", 42);
   mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_append (opts, &extra);

   success = mongoc_collection_find_and_modify_with_opts (collection, &query, opts, &reply, &error);

   if (success) {
      char *str;

      str = bson_as_canonical_extended_json (&reply, NULL);
      printf ("%s\n", str);
      bson_free (str);
   } else {
      fprintf (stderr, "Got error: \"%s\" on line %d\n", error.message, __LINE__);

   bson_destroy (&reply);
   bson_destroy (&extra);
   bson_destroy (update);
   bson_destroy (&query);
   mongoc_write_concern_destroy (wc);
   mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_destroy (opts);