mongoc_stream_write (mongoc_stream_t *stream,
                     void *buf,
                     size_t count,
                     int32_t timeout_msec);


  • stream: A mongoc_stream_t.

  • buf: The buffer to write.

  • count: The number of bytes to write.

  • timeout_msec: The number of milliseconds to wait before failure, a timeout of 0 will not block. If negative, use the default timeout.

The mongoc_stream_write() function shall perform a write to a mongoc_stream_t. It’s modeled on the API and semantics of write(), though the parameters map only loosely.


The “default timeout” indicated by a negative value is both unspecified and unrelated to the documented default values for *TimeoutMS URI options. To specify a default timeout value for a *TimeoutMS URI option, use the MONGOC_DEFAULT_* constants defined in mongoc-client.h.


The mongoc_stream_write() function returns the number of bytes written on success. It returns -1 and sets errno upon failure.